Being flooded is an appalling experience, but being prepared for it and planning what you would do if a flood happens to you can greatly cut down on the misery. Don’t take the risk.

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Latest Flood News

  • Thursday 12 January 2017

    Make Flood Resilience for your Business your New Year's Resolution

    The Know Your Flood Risk campaign launches guide on Flood Resilience for Businesses

    The Know Your Flood Risk campaign is today launching a new...

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  • Friday 9 December 2016

    Mary Dhonau offers flood protection tips to ITV viewer

    This week marks the first anniversary of the flooding that happened in parts of west Cumbria in 2015, following the destructive Storm Desmond. As such, Mary Dhonau OBE, chief executive of the Know...

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  • Monday 31 October 2016

    Know Your Flood Risk launches new practical Guide to Flood Resilience
    • Former flood victims take action and deliver practical guidance on making homes flood resilient
    • Many real life case study examples published, following interviews with flood victims...

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