Being flooded is an appalling experience, but being prepared for it and planning what you would do if a flood happens to you can greatly cut down on the misery. Don’t take the risk.

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Latest Flood News

  • Wednesday 7 February 2018

    Where’s Mary…?

    2018 is promising to be another busy year for the Know Your Flood Risk campaign. Our lead, Mary Dhonau OBE, has been asked to speak at a number of national flood related events and programmes....

  • Monday 29 January 2018

    Making a Showcase of Flood Resilience

    Mary Dhonau OBE, the head of the Know Your Flood Risk campaign, has been spearheading an exciting flood resilience project for Cumbria. Funded primarily by private businesses, with support from...

  • Friday 25 August 2017

    Putting Flood Resilience into Practice

    Mary Dhonau OBE, chief executive of the Know Your Flood Risk Campaign – which is supported by Landmark Information - is currently working on a new flood resilience project for Cumbria.