Mike Rimell

Mike Rimell, Cheltenham

Mike experienced the effects of the flood on his business first hand, being forced out of his offices for 6 months whilst the premises were repaired.

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Carol Laws

Carol Laws, Hull

In June 2007, Carol was one of tens of thousands forced out of their home and into temporary accommodation due to severe flooding.

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Nicola Carrick

Nicola Carrick, Hull

Nicola and her family, including two small children, were still in her caravan nearly a year after the 2007 summer floods in Hull.

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Roger Butwell

Roger Butwell, Tewkesbury

Six inches of water entered his house at 1:00am causing around £40,000 worth of damage.

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Mr & Mrs Kirton’s

Mr & Mrs Kirton’s, Tewkesbury

Mr & Mrs Kirton have lived in their property for 46 years and had never known of any previous floods affecting their property. They were flooded for the first time on the 20th July 2007 and the results were disastrous for them.

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The Nimmo’s

The Nimmo’s, Gloucestershire

Mrs Nimmo whose property and life was directly affected by the unprecedented flooding on the 20th July.

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