Homeowners Guide to Property Flood Resilience 2021 launches to offer practical property flood resistance and resilience advice

May 4 2021

With many homeowners across the UK dealing with the continued aftermath of flooding following Storm Christoph and Storm Darcy in the first quarter of the year, the Know Your Flood Risk campaign has released a brand new 2021 edition of the Homeowners Guide to Property Flood Resilience.

It provides practical advice on the steps that property owners can take to adapt their homes and lessen the impact future flood events may have.

The guide has been extensively researched by co-authors Mary Dhonau OBE and Carly Rose PhD – both of whom have personal experiences of flooding. This includes informative content on flood risk awareness, flooding expertise hints and tips from flood and insurance industry specialists. In addition, the guide provides advice on how to protect homes, with photographs of resilience products and what they can be used for, and information regarding property-level sustainable drainage solutions, real-life case studies and a directory of verified manufacturers.

Mary Dhonau OBE, who is supporting the DEFRA Ox-Cam Property Flood Resilience Pathfinder Project across seven UK local authorities explains: “It has been awful to see yet more devastation being created in properties across the country over Christmas and now in January and February.

“Unfortunately, the sad truth is that so many of us are at risk of being flooded; I passionately believe that anything we can do to reduce the awful impact is money well spent in the long-run. Many of us invest in smoke alarms or security locks to protect against fires or thefts, however for those living at risk of flooding, water is the most effective and indiscriminate ‘burglar’ there is.

“The new Homeowners Guide to Flood Resilience provides hugely practical advice on reducing the impact any future flood may have, which can speed up repair and recovery time and ultimately reduce the length of time people are forced out of their homes. It also provides details of approved Kitemarked PFR products.”

This guide has been created with kind sponsorship from Flood Re and Landmark Information Group.

Dermot Kehoe from Flood Re said: “The Homeowners Guide to Property Flood Resilience provides a very helpful toolkit of information that people can refer to for practical support, guidance and contacts and we are delighted to sponsor the launch of the 2021 edition.

“As we face an increased risk of flooding due to climate change, as well as the demand for new homes, we have welcomed the Government’s consultation into a new long-term plan to tackle flooding, which includes proposals relating to Property Flood Resilience (PFR) measures. The plan proposes changes to Flood Re to potentially include a ‘Build Back Better’ programme to pay claims that include resilient or resistant repairs, as well as flood damage.

“Allowing Flood Re to evolve through this package of proposals will not only help encourage the take-up of PFR measures by householders, but will support the insurance industry, while encouraging the growth of the resilience products sector, as well as reducing the costs and disruption that future flooding may bring to many.”

Adds Chris Loaring, Managing Director, Landmark Legal: “With over five million properties considered to be at risk of flooding in England, it’s vital that homeowners not only regularly check their risk, but they know what steps they can take if flooding is an increasing concern. This Guide is a living document, which is regularly updated with current advice, resilience products tips and vital next steps. It’s something anyone concerned about flooding should have to hand for reference, and it could really help make a big difference to those living with the worry that flood waters bring.”

In a survey conducted by BRE of over 250 property and flood industry professionals, the Homeowners Guide to Property Flood Resilience was cited as the ‘go to guide’ for technical flood resilience advice2.

The free Homeowners Guide to Property Flood Resilience is available to download from here.

For more information, visit www.knowyourfloodrisk.co.uk, or follow the campaign on Twitter.