“Sun-scorched ground at risk from future flooding” warns Mary Dhonau OBE

Jul 20 2018

With many areas of the UK not seeing any significant rainfall since the end of May as a result of the exceptionally warm summer, the Know Your Flood Risk campaign is warning people to be prepared for when prolonged rain or thunderstorms arrive; the results of which have the potential to pose a real threat of flooding.

In its newly published edition of the Homeowners Guide to Flood Resilience, which is a free guide designed to support home owners in being ‘flood aware and prepared’, it has sections dedicated to learning about flood risks. This includes surface water flooding, which can occur when heavy downpours are unable to soak away or overcome surrounding drainage or sewerage systems.

The free guide offers assistance on how to protect your home, community-based defence options plus a new section specifically on Sustainable Drainage Solutions (SuDS). In addition, the guide includes helpful hints and tips relating to property-level resilience that encourage appropriate drainage with the aim of reducing surface water flooding.

Mary Dhonau OBE, chief executive of the Know Your Flood Risk and a champion for community-based flood resilience said; “We need to take heed from historic events, for example, in 2012 many areas of the country badly were hit by flash flooding1, after a series of storms that broke following a long period of dry conditions. Flooding can happen when people least expect it and, with the current hot conditions, the ground simply won’t be able to soak up rainfall and surface water flooding will pose a real threat.

“I am therefore urging the public to be flood aware. If we experience prolonged or exceptionally heavy downpours within the next few weeks, I fear that the hard, dry ground will be unable to absorb the rainfall and the drains and sewers may not be able to cope, leading to potential flooding.”

In a recent survey conducted by BRE of over 250 property and flood industry professionals, the Homeowners Guide to Flood Resilience was cited as the ‘go to guide’ for technical flood resilience advice2. The survey, which was produced as part of CIRIA’s project to develop a Code of Practice and guidance for property flood resilience, found that 54% of 142 respondents refer to the guide for technical help and advice, over other technical documents.

The Know Your Flood Risk Campaign, which is supported by Landmark Information Group, aims to raise awareness of the risk of flooding from all sources. It is one of the UK’s most recognised online sources for helping people find out the flood risk related to their current or future homes.

The free Homeowners Guide to Flood Resilience is available to download from here.

For more information, visit www.knowyourfloodrisk.co.uk, or follow the campaign on Twitter.

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